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July 2011

Product Price
Shower-Dri $10.95
AquaShield $26.50
Sealtight $24.99
XeroSox $39.95
Duro-Med $31.80
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To use the Shower-Dri, just follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the Shower-Dri from the individually wrapped package.
  • Put your arm or leg with the cast, bandage or prosthesis into the Shower-Dri sleeve.
  • Remove the cover from the adhesive backing and place the patented connector approximately two (2) inches above the area you want to protect.
  • Pull the elastic Shower-Dri connector cord until the cord is snug around your arm or leg.
  • Lock the connector in place, as shown here.
  • Enjoy a refreshing shower.
  • Wipe dry.
  • Release the connector.
  • Remove the Shower-Dri.
  • Dry the Shower-Dri and store it for the next use.


One of the best forms of basic first aid for wound care is to keep dirt out of the wound. Keeping shower water out, water that could carry dirt in, is just one form of good wound care.

The Shower-Dri is manufactured using lightweight materials so that you can continue to use the hand and fingers inside the Shower-Dri. This allows you to hold a wash cloth or bar of soap with the hand that is inside the Shower-Dri. This also comes in handy when you want to hold the towel while drying off.

The Shower-Dri works just as well for limbs with a bandage or bandage wrap as it does for limbs with a plaster cast or prosthesis.

The Shower-Dri is a great bandage protector for sports related wounds or injuries. The Shower-Dri cast cover allows the athlete to take a shower, in private, because the patented Shower-Dri connector is so easy to use that it does not require help from someone else.

The Shower-Dri provides moisture protection for:
- Plaster casts - Cuts and lacerations
- Bandages - Synthetic casts
- Splints - Stitches
- Burns - Prostheses
- Skin rashes - Water therapy
- Wound care - Open sores and wounds
- Leg cast - Cast cover
- Ace bandage - Arm casts
- Basic first aid - Plaster leg cast
- Plaster bandage - Compression bandage
- Adhesive bandage - Elastic bandage
- Ankle bandage - Medical bandage
- Gauze bandage - Leg bandage
- Toe bandage - Bandage cast
- Plaster paris bandage - Foot bandage
- Bandage protector - Finger bandage
- Ace bandage wrap - Bandage wrapping
- Sports bandages - Adhesive sports bandage
- Plaster foot cast - Kid bandage
- Plaster arm cast - Hand cast
- Foot cast - Finger cast
- Knee bandage - Knee cast

The Shower-Dri; it's quick, it's easy, it's safe,
it's affordable, and it's reusable!

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